Golden Jivers

by Golden Jivers

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released November 16, 2011

Recorded in July of 2011 @ Caffeine Sound Studio, São Paulo, Brazil. Produced by Luis Tissot & Golden Jivers. Vocals on tracks 05, 10, 11 recorded at Estúdio Jardim Elétrico, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Artwork: Bira Bird

Bira Bird: Guitar, Vocals, Synth, Saxophone.
Xando: Drums, Percussion.
Backin' vocals on "Whatcha Wanna Do" by Mari & Mayra Trash. Second Guitar on "Baby Berry" by Luis Tissot (a.k.a. The Fabulous Go Go Boy From Alabama).



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Golden Jivers Florianópolis, Brazil

Two garage punkers from a place called "The Magic Island" got together in 2009 to make some groovie and wild rock'n'roll, inspired by their roots like blues and punkrock. Watch out for new release soon!


Dois garageiros da Ilha da Magia que se juntaram em 2009 para fazer um rock'n'roll safado e selvagem, inspirado em suas raízes como o blues e o punkrock. Novo lançamento em breve!
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Track Name: Little Hound Dog
come on baby won't you tell what you want from me
you keep telling me a lot of things
you have been pretty nice to me
but what i see is only one thing
you have been doggin' me around

how could i know if you really love me...
or you just don't wanna be alone
or you just want a little hound dog by your side
if you don't wanna introduce me to yr friends
if you don't wanna make love to me
Track Name: Bird Walk
i want you to do the bird walk baby
all you gotta do is move your head like a bird
yeah and i want ya to shake your hips baby
like nobody but you knows how to do

i'm not only talkin' about a silly dance
i'm talkin' about soul
i'm talkin' about flying very high above all kinds of repressioin and find out exactly who you are
i'm talkin' about setting free like a bird Oh yeah!
Track Name: Whatcha Wanna Do?
do the pony
shake your tail feather baby
watusi with me baby
walk the dog
not too slow
you can do
whatcha wanna do
what do you wanna do? shimmy shimmy?
what do you wanna do? the broken hip
hitch hike
hully gully
mashed potatoes
you can do
whatcha wanna do
Track Name: Baby Berry
yeah it's the baby berry song
it may look like chuck berry but its a baby!
chuck berry's gonna fuck my ass if he ever listen to this crap
it may sound like the hell you wanna thing, but i don't give a damn
no no i wont pay 2000 dollars for the Chuck Berry Show..
Track Name: Leave Me
i want you to leave me! thats what i want you to do no i won’t be your fool yeah i can live without you
i just wanna be alone
all alone
so you better look for somebody else
to satisfy your soul
maybe i’m wrong about you maybe you’re wrong about me
you got me so confused
can’t stand this doubt no more oh no
yeah that’s why i changed the lyric of this song
just to tell you why i want you to leave me yeah
Track Name: Hot Stuff Jungle Beat
are you ready for the hot stuff jungle beat
everybody‘s goin’ wild
yeah i want you to do the monkey
do the alligator
yeah it would be very nice if you do the boogaloo as fast as you can
you can do anything else
yeah i want you to do your thing
yeah and i want you to shake your head
shake your shoulders
and do your own dance like you never did before
yeah i want ya to do the workin’ on a chain gang
uh, ah, uh, ah...
Track Name: Paranoid Blues
baby i know you've been thinking about bad things about me baby ain't you gonna say?! won't you tell me baby what goes on in your mind please! baby i want you to tell me baby please!!!
i hope you ain't thinking about somebody else.... aaaaaaaaaahhHHHHIOROEHF(EPFY)_@&*&$(#¨37545
Track Name: Suicide
why are you still trying to understand?
she just wanted to die
yeah baby just a simple desire
as that good ones you have till the day you die
so why not tonight?
do you know what i'm talking about?
yeah baby suicide! do you think it’s glamurous?
do you think it's cool?
so now it's the time go ahead baby
you're gonna make me cry
you 're gonna make everybody cry
you're gonna appear on the newspaper
you're gonna go down in history
Track Name: Popcorn Pussycat
i want a little girl she don't even look at me
she's that popcorn pussycat
i think i want some popcorn
oh shit i think i'm in love with that popcorn pussycat
when i say i’m in love you best belive i’m in love l-u-v
so once i went ask her for some popcorn bag
but she already knew what i really wanted and said
i'm too much popcorn for your bag and she don't even gave it man!
oh no!!!
Track Name: Worse Than The Boll Weevil
got no cotton fields
not even the boll weevil
no train to take me home
not even an old railroad track (to lay my head)
got no cadilac car no diamond ring no jukebox, hops and bops
no fuckin' blue suede shoes
but i got: you yeah i got you damn hangin on my boot
yeah i got you to treat me nice tell me lies and make me a fool
yeah i got you to give me the blues early in the morning noon and night
causing more destruction in my heart than the so feared boll weevil
Track Name: Fool In Love
i told my baby to go... last night
i wanted to mind about her feelings i wanted to mind about her lies
always telling this, that and such
but there was something else behind
so i found out she was making me a fool
all that fiction romance as i was that little good man
how can she live like that? i can't stand it anymore
bye bye baby bye bye baby i would rather be alone
Track Name: King Bee Glasses
with my sun glasses
yeah i just could feel that i’m the king bee honey reignin’ absolute yeah
when i look at you you pretend you’re not lookin’ at me
i pretend i’m not lookin’ at you but i do yeah
i can even imagine with all details how you smell
the mashed potatoes too
with my sunglasses yeah!!
yeah i just could feel that i’m the king bee honey reignin’ absolute yeah
yeah and i could just feel that you are my queen....
(writen by Xando & BiraBird)